Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sad, but all for the better....

So I just officially sold my Water Nymph costume thanks to my girls Gt Warrior & HQ! Love ya gyuls! LMAO! It was a very sad moment for me but I know is all for the best this year.
The year has actually started out good so I hope this continues throughout. My hubby & I have both sold our costumes with no problem, hubby has an interview for a job later this month for a job that he has so wanted for a while now, & I recieved an offer for a promotion at work yesterday. Not bad I should say for only being 15 days into 2008. So the plans have already started for Carnival 2009 as I begin to look at the brighter side of things & things are deffinately looking up. I will not let anything get into the way of my 2K9 Carnival! LOL! OMG it really sounds like dais all I livin' for....lmao!
All yuh take plenty pics for me eh. I still looking for someone to take pics of J'ouvert, Carnival Monday & Tuesday for me to post on the site, so far is been not so easy finding anyone as I am very picky. Lol!

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