Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chunes for 2K8

I am loving di chunes for 2K8. Although I won't be in TnT this year & it does break my heart every time I hear soca but hay, soca in meh blood so I cyaa turn di ear when I hear sweet sweet soca music playin' especially when is a new chune like di new Machel & Patrice boi. I have a bunch of 2K8 chunes on the blog & I always adding when I feeling a vibe, also some late 2K7, I just added Rollin by Machel & Patrice. Leave a comment on what you think, is this a road march chune?


HQ said...

Rollin is a good one and definitely might be a contender. Machel is also supposedly releasin a new song soon that will rival Jumbie? We''ll see! LOL.

My vote for Road March is Faye Ann's Get On....

Cliviaalana said...

what could possibly rival Jumbie??
But hey what am i talking about ...its JESUS...anything is possible