Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weekly e-newsletter

I forgot to post last weeks weekly e-newsletter so here it is.

Labor Day is almost here!!! With all the comosion in NY with Band launchings rappin up, fetes, & the WIADCA had a festival at the Brooklyn museum this past weekend it makes us feel the crunch time. Labor Day is wit no joke quickly aproaching we so all yuh who stickin, les go!!!!A lot of the bands are selling out or sold out. Here is one band who is near to sold out, The Red Warriors. As far as I know & I knew was going to happen the section Seagrass is the section almost sold out second coming up close is Thierna Na Oge so register ASAP. the link for registration & more info is We also posted a flyer bellow with contact info. The Red Warriors will also be hosting along side Fete2Fete & 3Stars Lava In De Backyard at the Red Warriors mas camp, the flyer is also bellow for details & contact info.
By the way pictures for the WIADCA Brooklyn museum fest are on our site Check dem out!

All yuh have a great week & remember to stay logged on to for more updates on these events & others to come.

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