Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Weekly E-Newsletter

So the season has started boi!!! Band launching going on everywhere.
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending one of the biggest band launching in South Florida, GeneratiomX "Kaleidoscope".
All yuh can check out the pictures on the site at http://www.carnivalvibration.com/.
Another big launching this weekend was for the greatest show on earth, none other than Trinidad Carnival. Tribe launched it's "Myths & Magic" portrayal for 2K8 Carnival on Sat. July 28th as well at Pier 1. For a review of the launching & pictures check out Saucy Blog. There are great pictures posted.
Next stop is NY. As Labor Day quickly approaches us we will be in NY for more promotional events. Stay tuned for those photos as well.
All my people in Miami or people that will be in town August 25, 2007, don't forget to mark your calendar for the Annual All Inclusive WET FETE!!! Flyer is listed bellow & you can visit http://www.generationxmiami.net/ for details as well.
Now for our site updates. We have made another change so check it out. We have changed the whole set up on our Bacchanal section. We think you will really like it so check that out as well. We are hoping that next week we will have some well anticipated changes as well. Thanks for your patience as we continue to grow.

All yuh have a great week & remember to stay logged on to http://www.carnivalvibration.com/ for more updates on these events & others to come.

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