Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So I got this rel funny comment on my blog today! I won't get into details & I did delete it but it was really funny how some people think they can hurt me with there ignorance. For those of you who know me & know me well know dat I am a rel free spirit & it takes a lot to really offend me & to be rel honest wit yuh if I don't know you I really don't care. The comment started wit a " I don't mean to be mean" WHO THE HELL CARES! Lol! This is a blog, I don't make money of of doing this, it is strictly a hobby & if yuh doh like what I write here on MY blog then jus doh read it. It is your choice to read this blog & if something offends you which I have no intention of doing to anyone den please use yuh head & log off.Who ever wrote the comment didn't have the balls to put who they were they wrote it as an anonymous so really this is how I will respond to that person. You are intitled to your own oppinion & I aint mad at ya! However just know that this here is my blog & I will not allow or tolerate anyone to disrespect me. Now was that clear enough english for you? So now as they say, one bad apple has to ruin the bunch so now I have made it that only bloggers can comment on my profile & not anonymous readers. BDW I thank that anonymous reader b/c I actually couldn't think of anything to write today & there it was. I always say everything happens for a reason.


Karabana said...

Huh? What comment?
Most likely that person who was offended by the renting car post, but like you say, whatever, no worries... but I don't get why ppl troll blogs w their trouble, steups.

Trini By Injection said...

Yuh done know! I thought di exact same. I was jus discussing dat wit my friend here. Lol! Like you said though WHATEVER!!!