Friday, March 23, 2007


Ok!!! So it is official, I am very, very, jealous of all yuh dat going to Machel show in di Garden. Laaaaawd! I cryin. After reading Saucy blog dis morning it rel get me jealous as I saw dat TriniPricess went to the signing yesterday & was even able to take pics wit di man himself den I heard the interview on the Wendi Williams experience which was hilarious might I add. "The Goose is loose" Lol!
Well all yuh have a great time for me nah! Take a wine, tief a wine, wine low, dip in di center, jump up.I am sure I will see plenty videos on when di show done but nuttn compares to being at a Machel show in person. All yuh in di front row, WOI! All yuh damn lucky fo sure. Have fun & I am rel looking forward to di reviews. Yay!

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