Sunday, March 18, 2007

ATL Memorial Day Carnival

Aight so it looks like my chances of going to Atlanta Gerogia's Carnival (which is Memorial day weekend) are good. I am still kinda debating but I am leaning more towards going only b/c I am honestly craving some Carnival. Goooorsh like ah rel catch it bad. Lol!
I have gone every year for the past 4 years to ATL for Carnival & to be honest I have a lil' secret. Every year I does go to almost all di fetes, but have only gone twice to di actual parade. Iz not b/c I haven't wanted to, iz jus dat I have been so tired & to be honest AtL's carnival hasn't really developed like say Miami Carnival has. This year however I have heard from a reliable source dat there will be more bands dis year including one from a well known DJ in ATL. You will see who it is shortly i jus doh wanna disclose dat jus yet until di launch (I promised I wouldn't).
So yes, all yuh may see my on di road for ATL carnival, feten & limin. For all yuh dat interested in going ATL Carnival you can see details on peach carnival it have di bands, fetes, & other event listings on dat site. See yuh deh, maybe. ;)


Karabana said...

Hubby has relatives in Atl., we should go!!!!!!!!!

Trini By Injection said...

Hell yeah gyul! We could wear our green bands again Lol! Nah for rel you should go we could hook up & hang out. Madness!!!!!