Tuesday, March 6, 2007


So I must admit, since I have returned I miss all di Trini foods. I did buy di Naparima cook book while in Trini which I had been wanting forever & a day but still. I have used it since I get here but I wah some bake & shark, I miss meh Mario's Pizza, doubles isn't di same here, & roti it hadda go far to get. Laaaaawd! Like I said in meh b-day blog, food iz di way to meh heart. Mmmmmmmmm! Ah only tasting all dem tings eh. Meh mouth wattering. Laaaaawd someone Fedex meh some bake & shark please! I may go back to TnT in June but jeez to wait so long to get dem tings, I dunno if I could handle it.


Karabana said...

Oh yeah babe, bake n shark (w pineapple of course), yum, haven't had it as good here... & Mario's, YES!!!, had their chicken corn pizza, wow, very impressed, & I'm a pizza-a-holic... Trini pizza has come a long way!!!!:)!!!!
But you know, we ate real good on our vaca (pelau, bake, roti, provision, crix, bread...) but that can't be my everyday diet, all those unhealthy carbs :( :(

Trini By Injection said...

Goooorsh! Ah hubgry again! Lol! Yeah gyul time to get in shape again for 2K8.