Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Ok so before I get to my final First Experience blog entry I jus have to say dat I am very excited. When I looked at Saucy blog yesterday mornin I saw she had added the pics from the Tribe Magazine & behold, deh was meh picture. Lol! Iz di lil' tings in life does make meh happy ok. Is nah a big picture but I am in deh, jus look rel close. I am wearin a pink corset & my loving husband is standing next to me.
I also found picture of myself & hubby on some odda sites like & from fetes we had gone to so I am posting dem here too. There are also pics of Tribe on some fete pictures are available on as well. Please doh laugh as in most pictures I had been drinkin. Lol! Gyuls jus wanna have fun aight!

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