Tuesday, February 27, 2007

First Experience part III - Carnival Monday!!!

Well wah ah go say about carnival Monday exept it was madness. My hubby had told me he was not going to play mas & whata surprise when he told me Sunday night dat yes, he had registered long time now. I was extrememly excited as I really wanted to share this first experience wit him. Although he is a Trini born & raised he himself hadn't played before either.
Monday came & off the 2 of us went after cumin home from jouvay we hit the showers & headed straight to town for our first experience in playin Monday mas. Needless to say, I had one if the best times of my life. From the drinks to the food my hubby & I were very pleased. I was really pleased wit di security on Monday. My sister in law & a friend of mines was in IP & I heard dat di security was not all dat so I was very thanksfull for Tribe security. Even in Trini revellers I heard di security was not all dat to my surprise. A couple of my aunty's play wit dem every year & I heard it was all kinda people in deh gettin drinks wit out actually bein a masquarader.
I met all kinds of new people, ran into people I hadn't seen in years, bumped into a couple of bloggers which I was rel excited about. BDW Saucy I was lookin for you on Monday & Tuesday & could not spot you anywhere! Lol! Wuz up wit dat eh? Next time nuh.
So I had a ball jumpin & wavin & deffinately winin. I think dat experience exeeded my expectations. I also learned alot from my whole first experience, but dat is a whole other blog entry so I will save dat. Don't forget it have more pictures on http://TriniByInjection.hi5.com.

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