Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Experience part II

Jouvay!!!!! Den deh was mud, & paint, & chocolate?
Lol! Well like I had mentioned in my blog entry prior to leaving to TnT I was not jumpin up in a jouvay band & I didn't but I did storm into BLUE!!!!! Laaaawd have mercy I looked like a smurf when I get home yes. Lol! I had so much fun jouvay.

I met a couple of my friends & family in town wit meh hubby in my I doh really care wah happens to dem clothes. Lol! My sis in law decided since she wasn't jumpin up in a jouvay band to make up she own so she painted on meh shirt Jumbie crew lol! (You will see in di pic, look closely). I had to admit, no one had to creep up on meh as I was willing to jump in di paint & loved having people pour it on me, only ting was taking dat paint off was a B&*%H. Laaaawd! My spunge was blue by di time I finish washing it off & still I went Monday mas wit some blue spots. Woi! It was soooooo worth it though.
My hubby only sayin how ghetto I is. Laaawd so b/c I enjoyin meh self now ah ghetto? Nah! I jus like to have fun! Like di song say "Gyuls jus wanna have fun!" So dais my jouvay experience. I have to say I will deffinately be stormin anotha band next year, sorry but I jus doh see a reason to pay to play in a band except for maybe di drinks but to be honest you does be so drunk from di party yuh jus came from to notice & ah does get on bad jus fine wit out it oui. Lol!
& again, to be cont......

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