Thursday, February 1, 2007

25 Years in di Making

Who doesn't like Mr. Machel Montano? Well if anyone doesn't dem out deh gorsh foresaken mind b/c dis man here is boss for rel. Cyaa nobody preform, attract a crowd, or have as much originality as dis man. Di amount of energy dis man does bring into his preformance is incredible. I cyaa wait to see him in TnT as dis will be di first performance dat I will be witnessing in Trinidad. I have seen him many times here in Miami & even Atlanta but I am sure nuttn compares to home right? Well I am so excited dat I have decided dat despite di fact dat my flight arrives on Tuesday the 13 of February I will most deffinately be making it to Eyes wide shut for his performance no matter what.
I had to dedicate at least one of my blog entries to dis talanted man & I think it goes well wit di fact dat he is celebrating 25 years in di busness wit his whole High Deffinition & ting. I have added his bio from his site to show the milestones thru Mr. Montano's career. I hope you enjoy reading about his 25 years in di making.


Machel Montano is a young Trinidadian who is edging his name among the elite in the music industry. Machel and his band Xtatik has been the premier soca band in the Caribbean for more than a decade and have established themselves as the leading draw at major events in New York City , Miami , Toronto , and London and throughout the Caribbean Diasporas. Machel is recognized as the leading performer in the soca music genre and is highly regarded as well as a songwriter, producer and band leader.
Machel began his career in 1982 at age seven. As early as 1984, he formed his band Pranasonic Express now called XTATIK. Machel’s debut album “TOO YOUNG TO SOCA”, released in 1985, was an instant hit which earned him many rave reviews and standing ovations wherever he performed.

In 1986, he appeared on Star Search in Hollywood bringing Soca Music to the screens of US National Television. He was described as a Stevie Wonder of Soca. Machel and XTATIK have performed with many popular international entertainment personalities including: Freddie Jackson, TLC, Third World , Shaggy, El Debarge, Destiny’s Child, The Boyz, Kris Kross, Buju Banton, Ziggy Marley, Garnet Silk, Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killa and many others.
In 1987, at the age of twelve, Machel became the first Trinidadian and youngest Entertainer to win the Caribbean Song Festival. In 1991 at sixteen, he won the Young Kings Competition. XTATIK won best playing music band on the road for CARIBANA 94 and MIAMI CARNIVAL 94. In 1995 Machel won Party Vocalist of the year and in 1996 XTATIK won Party band of the Year. In 1995 and 1997 Machel & Xtatik journeyed to London and mesmerized the sold out crowds.
In 1997 Machel became the youngest ROAD MARCH KING of Trinidad & Tobago and XTATIK’S album “HEAVY DUTY” has been described as one of the best selling SOCA Albums ever.
Machel and XTATIK have produced sixteen (16) albums with seven (7) mini albums seventeen (17) singles – a ten (10) singles on compilation and three (3) cassette singles. Some of their many hits include: “TOO YOUNG TO SOCA”, “TAKE ME BACK”, “ TOO EARLY FOR YOUR LOVE”, “BY ALL MEANS”, “TAKE AH BORROW”, “COME DIG IT”, “MUSIC FARM”, “BIG TRUCK”, “FOOTSTEPS”, “TORO TORO”, “SHOW DOWN”, “WATER”, “POWDER PUFF”, “TAY LAY LAY”, “WRECKER”, “WE WILL CARRY ON”, “BIG PHAT FISH”, “BREAK”, “NO War”, “Craziness” and many more.


T said...

Machel Machel Machel...this is a very talented young man as everyone knows and who don't, well I'm letting you know. He definately knows how to make a crowd go into a complete frenzy. I was hoping to go see him perform for his "25 years in the making" concert. But unfortunately I will be arriving the following day. But that is no scene since I'll be seeing him perform in "Eyes Wide Shut" Yippieeeeee I rel excited and can't wait. So heres to Machel wishing you nothing but the best and much Success to you for 2k7...Love you Muahhhhhhhhh. Trinibyinjection girl on that note I'm leaving the building...and we will link for carnival hunz lata.

Trini By Injection said...

Yuh done know T!! See yuh deh!