Sunday, February 4, 2007

Woi Woi!!!!

So here I am jus over a week away from leaving Florida to head dong to red red paradise, yes I am talking about Trinidad! Woi Woi!!!! I am so extremely excited. I cyaa wait to get deh & start feten wit all meh posse in TnT.
I am so dumbfounded dat my hubby is now so excited. Since I registered for Tribe, he has only been telling me stop talking about Carnival & ting like it bodda him, so I have tried not to talk about it around him. He has been like " Oh goooorsh all yuh does talk about is Carnival dis, carnival dat. Find something else to talk about nuh." Lol! Now it has been di reverse, like now di countown is on oh something boi. Di last week he been so hype. " Wah fetes we goin to babes? We going to dis fete? How about dis one?" Laaaaaawd! So thank God now we have almost all our tickets for di fetes we wah go to. So now as if I doh do it wnough in my house & wuk, he only playin Trinibashment 919 & Red in di house. All soca, all di time eh. Lol! I doh mind it gettin me hype to.
So like I had mentioned we have most of our tickets to di fetes we wah go to thanks to my lil' brodda in Trinidad. Di only ting I aint seein no where is Bacchanal Wednesday. Wuz up wit dat? Can anyone tell me please. Dais one fete I was lookin forward to going to & I aint even know di price or if di tickets even on sale as yet. Any info is greatly appreciated. ;)
BDW, did I mention I am extremely excited. Lol! I am sure I did, I think part of di reason why is dat all dis week I have been purchasing my last min. tings so I am jus reminded of how much fun I am expecting to have. Also, di radio stations in Trinidad have meh rel bazodee boi, playin all meh favorite chunes for 2K7 laaaaaaawd. Ah wish ah was deh now.


Anonymous said...

please keep us posted of your experience...

Trini By Injection said...

Trust me, I am so excited In will. ;)