Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sky High Airfares

I really thought the prices were bad bad here boi to fly to TnT. I read this article on Red 96.7 fm & boi I cyaa believe dat Barbados being so close to Trinidad dem hadda pay dat kinda money come carnival time. I rel glad I aint stick whe it came to purchasing my airfare b/c if I woulda had to pay more than I did I would have flipped. Well here is di article I my hubby passed on to me. You can find it on Red but I am posting here for all yuh to take a look as well.
31 Jan. 2007
High fares seem to be discouraging potential revelers in Barbados from booking last minute flights to Trinidad and Tobago for carnival. According to a report from the Barbados nation newspapers, while early bookers would pay around 300 or 400 U.S dollars, some ticket prices are now between 500 and 800 U.S dollars and persons are being discouraged by the high fares. Travel agencies in Barbados are reported as saying their early bookings were normal but they would have to gauge for the greatest show on earth for 2008. Source: Barbados Nation Newspapers

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