Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Red Warriors Weekend!

Well it was a Red Warriors weekend for we at http://www.carnivalvibration.com/.
Red Warriors had a promo for di band this past weekend, we joined them at both Rum Jungle & De River in Queens NY. We have posted di pics on line at http://www.carnivalvibration.com/, some of all yuh would recognise some of us in di pics look closely. Take a look, costumes is HOT!!! The portrayal will be "The Sunken Kingdom of Atlantis." All yuh can register on http://www.warriorscarnival.com/, hurry b/c costumes is going quickly & Labor Day is just right around di corner!
All yuh take a look at events as well plenty of events coming up especially in Miami since Miami Carnival is also creeping up. There are a few band launchings this month & more to come.
Once again, all yuh thanks for all di support as the site comes along. Bless.


gtwarrior said...

Thanks for the love. It was nice meeting you.

Btw Red Warriors is an all inclusive band: drinks, lunch, mobile restrooms, security and of course your costume.

Trini By Injection said...

Oh yeah!!! Forgot to mention dat! Hehe! Thanks GT!