Thursday, May 31, 2007

ATL Carnival Come & Gone

Well I just get back from Atlanta Carnaival yesterday & have been updating the site ever since.

I have to admit, this year Atlanta Carnival wasn't as great as it has been in the past.

The venue was really innconvenient as far as the entry to the park & where the show was being held.

The festes were not as crowded which then made the fetes not as exciting. I have to say the fete I went to on Friday which I will only say was the only fete that had any performance & I did not even get to view the show as the fete was so boring I couldn't even wait. The performance was supposed to have started by 2am & I was there till almost 3am & nope, nuttn.

Anywho, all photos have been posted on the website. you can view them at

I also updated the site with more of the upcoming Carnivals including New York Labour Day which has a new band the Red Warriors. You can check out more regarding the band launching & portrayals on CarnivalVibration or on

Here is a preview of the pictures from this Memorial day Carnaival.

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