Monday, March 5, 2007

Ungrateful! Huh!

Well, well, well. I never thought it would cum to dis in my life nuh. I am rel vex right now so I am jus letting all yuh know, dis blog entry right here is jus me venting. I honestly try not to keep so many frens. I have been dat way as long as I can remember & reason being is b/c I tend to be a giver & bend over backwards for who I think are my frens & somehow, always get bun. I keep the few friends I have very close & try to treat dem as I would like to be treated. Yet once again, lil' mrs. TBI get bun.
I wrote a blog entry di odda day on my lessons learned for all of you who remember. I wrote it b/c dais infact the things I learned & I wrote it b/c dais wah I felt & hay, not for nuttn but dais exactly wah blogs are for no? I mean since I have started dis blog it has been about sharing the first experience in Trinidad for Carnival & gettin some insight & I never once wrote a comment directed to anyone.
Well anyway. Today may be my first blog entry dat I will being doing dat(writing specifically about someone else) as shitty as it may seem I will b/c I had the pleasure of oppening an e-mail today that basically was stating that I was a selfish person & ungrateful & now I am dis-owned as a friend. Normally I would have been hurt, but to be honest I am not only b/c this person rather than talking to me about the situation & asking me if that blog entry was directed to dem jus assumed it was which would mean somehow maybe they felt some guilt? I dunno wah it was but shit, a rel fren woulda called & asked or if dem had a problem wit me woulda said it straight up in meh face. I am a very honest person, call me bold faced if yuh like I really doh care but I say it how it is especially if you are my friend b/c I don't like to mislead & I sure as hell doh like to be mislead.
Dis person who sent di e-mail may read this blog entry & well dat person asked me not to respond to di e-mail so dis is how I am venting which I believe I have every right to. So if dem take dis blog entry personal sorry but iz my right to vent, I mean no disrespect & if dais di way you take it, in disrespect so be it. I cyaa help anyone think a different way especially if dem not talking to me & has decided to no longer be my friend. I have absolutely no time for childish school games.
BDW, this is what they found offensive on my blog entry #2
Ah rentin meh own car. I hate depending on people for a ride or having to wait on people or especially having to leave somewhere when deh say.
In dis day in age of internet is a shame to say dat yuh cyaa even post something wit how you feel wit out someone taking offense to it. I mean had the shoe been on the odda foot, I would have not even thought it was about me but about the other person jus wanting to have there own transportation no? I mean I have been driving since I was 16yrs old & I jus doh like depending on others for a ride.
So well, I guess I learned something else for dis Carnival season, who my rel friends are. I hope no else takes offense to dis b/c again it was only intended to dis one person dat wrote dis e-mail to me.
I really doh like doing things like dis but I needed to get dat off my chest. I am sure I will get more crap after dis but what can I say you cyaa please everyone.


saucydiva said...

Girl VENT, let it all out! The comment was nothing bad at all and if someone took that personally they are quite petty. It amazes me that so many people don't realise a blog is a DIARY .. a web log of events in your life or topics you feel to blab about and it has nothing to do with anyone but you :S

-:¦:-·:*""*:·.-:¦:-·* cb *·-:¦:-·:*""*:·-:¦:- said...

Happy birthday, Luv!!!

I hope you were able to get over your frustrations of yesterday and enjoy your day to the fullest.

WRT your post, I understand completely. I don't like driving, but have come to realise that when you're on vacation, you'd like to do a whole lot more than your hosts are able to entertain. I mean, it's only natural because most of them still work during the day, and they've got their regular routines to attend to. Just don't worry about it. YOU know you weren't malicious with that lesson learned, so doh take on nobody else.

Plus, as Saucy reiterated, it's YOUR blog, and you're more than entitled to express your thoughts, opinions, life (Carnival) lessons and frustrations.

Karabana said...

Gyrl, I feel for your situation. A blog is a journal of your truth. So you've got the dilemma of who do you give your blog (address) to? When I started mine, I automatically wanted to send it to friends, but then thought um, better not. I never gave anyone in my RL my blog address, but a couple found it which is fine really, it was bound to happen, I just keep that in mind.
People do take things personally. If they recognize themselves in a situation, they'll get pissed. Could you change/move your blog & keep it private so that you can feel free to say what you want, vent, without offending anyone?

Trini By Injection said...

Thanks all yuh! I am at the point where I jsu decided I jus doh care no more. I literally woke up dis mornin & said to myself hay.....Iz jus a blog & if someone got offended it was not my intention but again yuh cyaa please everyone. Thanks for di b-day wishes CB. I aint lettin no one ruin my day. IZ MY BIRTHDAY WOI!!! Lol!