Friday, March 2, 2007

Lesson learned

Well as you know dis was my first time going to TnT during di Carnival season. I deffinately learned alot as did my hubby. We went wit di intentions of having a good time no matter what & we did despite some lil' snafoos. I decided to make a list of my lessons learned so dat next year I know betta.

  1. Gettin a guest house. Dat drive from Arima when yuh tired is hell laaaawd, & forget tryin to catch a maxi from town at dat time. Which leads me into #2
  2. Ah rentin meh own car. I hate depending on people for a ride or having to wait on people or especially having to leave somewhere when deh say.
  3. I also learned next year I wanna be deh for Alternative concept.
  4. I also learned dat I need to start gettin fit sooner next year den I did this year.
  5. I also learned dat I need to break in my sneakers alot more den I thought.
  6. I also learned dat next year I will be doing what I want not wah everyone else wants in regards to fetes & other activities. (Which will be alot easier having meh own car).
  7. I need my own cell phone!
  8. I also learned dat as bad is it may seem, it is actually beneficial to be in di back by di pee pee truck( I hated dat walk).
  9. I learned dat after all these years, my hubby & I are still di best of feten partners & now Carnival partners.
I think I learned more but cyaa think off the top of my head. I will add dem if I think of any more. Wah all yuh odda first timers learn? I would love to hear yuh feedback.


Karabana said...

Hey Gyrl, glad to read you had so much fun! Not my 1st time playing mas, but my 1st T'dad Carnival. I must say, were it not for Saucydiva's blog, I wouldn't have known about some necessary things.

I wished I found face crystals (everywhere I went, & I went to soooo many stores here & there, all they had was silver). I guess I'd shop a year early for them next time. I'd also bring makeup on the road. (My l'il bag was already packed w a 2nd pair of stockings which I didn't need, go figure.)

Re a c phone, a relative from Miami who played in Revellers did that buy 2 bottles of Chivas at the airport & get a free Digicell. I think our Cos' phone 4 sure came in handy 4 him texting his crew at fetes & on the road, but Hubby & I didn't have or need one on the road. But we had one 4 our days out, which we really did need, bc the 1 time we didn't have it, who would have thought it would be so difficult to make a call in T'dad!?! What a riot it was 4 us in Arima trying to find a pay phone, then thinking we needed coins, nope, didn't take coins, so we had to go find a store that sold calling cards... & then figure out how to use the damn thing, LOL!

I hear ya on the transport situation, you need your own esp 4 getting 2 the beach. We were staying right on the highway in Trincity, so extremely convenient 4 the airport & we would just step out the door & get a taxi right there, so that was quite good. But yeah, Arima is too far.

Yeah, shoe comfort is the #1 issue on the road & at fetes, I already knew (from Caribana) you have to break in shoes, so I was wearing mine since October & they were comfy (didn't need the insoles I bought). I only brought 1 non-heeled pair of comfy sandals though 4 fetes, brought too many heels which I didn't wear.

Trini By Injection said...

I totally agree. Gyul, I aint see you at all for Carnival but ah lookin on line & all I seein is yuh picture nuh. Lol! So where you live in Canada? I used to live up deh too.

Karabana said...

You didn't come to the lime, tsk, tsk ;-) ... & you were at Imagine, too, didn't see ya!
I'm in Toronto.

Trini By Injection said...

Lol! Nah I didn't get to go to di lime. Next year gyul. I used to live in Brampton about 13 yrs ago ah now in Florida.

Karabana said...

Ah yes, Brampton, Hubby works there.
You been to Caribana?
It must be fabulous livin in Fla., you didn't have to come home from T'dad to snow.

Trini By Injection said...

I went to Caribana long time ago when I used to live in Canada. I grew up wit Trini's so.....but iz been a while. To be honest last time I went Caribana was like when I was 5 I think. Lol! Florida iz ok, I actually lookin at movin to Atlanta, Georgia. No snow for me, paid my dues. My parents used to make me shuvel dat stuff in di winter. Ugh! Hated it!