Friday, January 12, 2007

Tribe-Ole Time Something ....Come back again

In dedication to my band of choice Tribe for my first time playin mas I thought I would add a lil' history to my page regarding my costume since the theme dis year is Ole time something...come back again. I mean I couldn't play wit out knowing what di heck di section I was in was all about dat would jus not make any sense to me. My section has sold out at this point with di exeption of frontline, even di men's is sold out which I was really surprised about considering the colors. I am extremely excited as you can probably already tell from all of my blog entries, Lol! I thought dis costume was perfect for me from the beggining so here it goes, the history of:


One can identify three phases of development. The first was the Princely Pierrot, designed and portrayed by the French settlers of the late 1780’s and beyond. This richly garbed character would quote passages from Shakespeare and other playwrights and authors in an effort to show off his knowledge and to educate the onlookers.
The second phase was the creation by the freed slaves of two types of Princely Pierrots. As explained by Carnival historians, they were both armed with a long carriage whip and a shorter “bull pistle” for fighting purposes.
The third phase which holds good today, was the Pierrot Grenade or Pierrot from Grenada, bearing in mind that many of the original French planters came from that island. This Pierrot’s costume was of multi-coloured rags probably inspired by the multi-coloured cape of the predecessor Pierrot. A shorter version of the carriage whip is retained. This present day Pierrot teaches how to spell long words by breaking them up in syllables and developing a story on each syllable, preferably in a French patois accent.
“De CHIcken in de CAr and de car can’t GO – that’s de way to spell CHI-CA-GO.”

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