Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Years Resolution

My new years resolution along with probably half the worlds this year was to get fit, exercise & loose weight. So when I had put a bike on my wish list I expected Santa to give it to me because I had told him I wanted one to get fit for Carnival. Well I thought I didn't get it but much to my surprise my Santa baby got me a belated Christmas gift.
I woke up yesterday morning to take one of my two children to school & there sitting in my garage was a bike. I was so excited I told my son to hurry up so we could ride bikes to his school. Well I made it to his school & I didn't not remember that it was so much wuk to ride a bike, on the way back home from dropping him off I was starting to hurt boi.
So I made it back home relaxed a bit & buy the time I new it, it was time to pick him up again. Mind you, it is 20mins to his school & another 20 mins back home so today I have done a total of almost an hour & a half of cardio. I was also able to fit in a sit up session & some weights for my arms don't want those flappin when I jumpin up. I intend to keep this up till I leave on the 13 of February to TnT so please all, wish me luck wit dat, of course my son may not let me stop taking him to school via the bicycle so I may have no odda choice. I guess dat would be a good thing though.

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