Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Road March 2K7

Carnival Road March, the musical composition played at the judging points along di carnival parade route during carnival time. One of the most prestigious titles in Trinidad Carnival, Mighty Sparrow, & Lord Kitchiner being amongst the most to recieving the title. The Road march title is given out every year. Scoring is based upon a rank and points system by a Carnival committee before the start of the parade.
Now for Carnival 2K7 Road march, who will win di title? My oppinion, so far I believe dat Last lap by Destra & Naya George should have di title dis year. Second to Last lap in my opinion would be Open di Gate by Shurwayne Winchester, Light it up I like to by Patrice & Machel. I am happy Precious sing something dis year, I aint hear anything from she in a while & Black Carpet is a great song. No matter wah doh ah tellin all yuh now, I go be chippin & winin dong di road wit all dem songs & some & anywho I may be drinkin so much I wouldn't even notice wah dem playin deh eh, I would jus be singin di chunes to myself & havin a time. I am jus so super excited & cyaa wait to head dong di road on Monday & Tuesday. Woi! Woi!


Anonymous said...

I love all of your choices but my new new favorite is Machel's Jumbie!!!!

SocaDiva said...

yea so far those are the ones at the head of the race but i also like Nadia Batson's two songs the one with Kees and the other with Mr. Vybe.

Trini By Injection said...

Mr. Vybe's is ok & Nadia too however Machel always is boss eh. Imagine I am usually good at hearing new soca every year but I still aint hear Jumbie & I d have it here. I go listen to it now. LOL!