Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hair issues

Ok so I am so glad I finally decided on what I will be doing wit my hair on Carnival Monday & Tuesday. I had to go to my gyul Beyonce here to get ideas. LOL! I Googled images of her & other artist to get ideas & this is wah I finally came to decide on. I figured it is easy to manage & I wouldn't have to really worry about my hair for 2-3 days.
Now my only problem is now finding how to do my hair for di remaining time I will be in TnT. I mean my hair is rediculously long so blow drying & using di flat iron everyday is out of di question. I am trying to find a couple of up do's dat might be nice for a couple of fetes but I aint see nuttn yet dat catches my eye & says wow to me. I have looked in salon magazines, I have googled almost every female artist from Mariah Carey to JLo. Still, I have come up with nothing. At dis point I am open to suggestions as a matter of fact, I am requesting suggestions please. I need something manageable yet simple & not complicated dat will take all day to do. My sister in law which will be playin mas as well has offered to do my hair but I don't wanna give her a hard time even though I know she wouldn't mind. So this is my dilema at dis point HELP! Please. Send me pictures if you have to, I really doh mind.

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