Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is a wine really jus a wine?

Is a wine really jus a wine? I have been married for almost 6 years now & I will be completely honest wit you, I am a very open minded person. I have never been di jealous type so any time my hubby & I have been to a Carnival fete in Miami or in Atlanta I have really never had a problem wit him winin(not grindin) wit someone on di dance floor. But when is a wine really jus a wine? I mean not for nuttn but my hubby & I have come to an agreement dat we only wine wit people dat we are friends wit or know jus to avoid any drama. I mean really, if you in a party & you don't know some people (& woman can be rel trifling) some people can get rel fresh eh & start grindin & ting, dais why my hubby & I came to dis agreement b/c it has happened in di past & it wasn't a pretty scene after.
I think it is essential as well as appropriet dat if you are in a marriage or a commited relationship dat before going to carnival dat these boundaries should be discussed & respected if the relationship is intended to continue there after. I aint lettin know one ruin my carnival especially for a wine when the whole situation could have been avoided from di beggining. My hubby nah playin mas wit me but he did let me know his "rules" on my behavior during carnival. LOL!! We have compromised, I mean yuh cyaa expect to go carnival & not tief a wine on someone eh, it jus wouldn't be carnival. So, in dis case I do have a possee dat I will be rollin wit & I will be winin only on male friends dat my hubby is aware of. Drama avoided! I have seen to many people getting into arguments at fetes & I aint into dat.
SO wit dat, wais your opinion? When is a wine jus a wine?


Anonymous said...

A wine is jus a wine when it goin rell good and when yuh turn back de fella long gone...just a wine! LOL (love, Stella).

Trini By Injection said...

LOL!!!! HAHA!Laaaawd leh Chinee hear dat eh! Chinee wuk!!!!!