Sunday, January 14, 2007


So there are 34 days till carnival & those of you who have not booked your flights, hotel or costumes are seriously stickin. My hubby is now kickin himself in di rass b/c he decided to be cheap & weight till last min to buy his ticket to fly to TnT thinkin he would save money & as it get's closer I think he is realizing if it isn't sold out already, then di price is rediculous. Luckily we have friends & family in TnT so we didn't need hotel reservation which we were originally planning but do to unforseen circumstances(money factors) we decided not to. If you haven't already booked your hotel stay or guest house I have found dat there either isn't very much left or iz only crap dais left & by crap I am talking about something dat is far from POS, dem does have poor reviews, are horrible & also I have looked at the areas of di hotels & basically, if your not looking to get mugged, you doh wah stay in dem hotels or guest houses. Costume yuh may not have problems wit unless you had 1 section in mind dat you really were expecting to play in & now iz sold out which again iz another one of my hubby's issues. Now after my section is sold out he decides he would like to play mas wit me. Whatever!!! Anywho! Di lesson here iz DOH STICK!!!! I know iz an Islanders tradition or habbit to wait till di last min(trust me I am a latina & iz ours too), some in my fam iz di same, but doh get mad when things doh wuk out di way you expected eh.
Well......All I know iz I booked everything I needed early(for once), & I think I got a good deal on my air ticket not payin more den $541 round trip from MIA-POS & I will be in TnT for 10 days. My costume, got the section I wanted in di band I wanted, & hotel, well deh I aint need dat now so. Maybe next year my hubby will learn to do everything wit time, den again men is rel stubburn yes.


TriniQueen said...

Hello :). I too am a virgin masquerader living abroad, and a new blogger. I clicked on your link from Saucy's page. I stay in Tampa, FL, so yuh not too far like de rest of de bloggers (lol). But yuh right, tho. When it comes to Carnival, yuh cyah afford to stick. I finalized my vacation time and bought my tickets since the 1st week November - and ah still find I was stickin!!! Lol I'm playin in Tribe too - Imp (Tho I had REAL like Fireman). No scene, though. I really like my costume. Well, bless, dear. Less than one month to go!!!!!!!!

Trini By Injection said...

LOL!!! I really love my costume too but I well wanted to play in Warrior Spirit. I cyaa afford to stick either nuh. My flight booked from since Sept. LOL!! Like 33 days left....WOI!