Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Still depressed but I made it through

So I was very depressed through J'ouvert, Carnival Monday & Tuesday but I made it through. I didn't die though at times I felt I would especially after my cousin in Trinidad text me to my phone to check out a website that would have live feed on the parade of tha bands. So I went on to work & afterwards rush home to watch. I dunno why, it would only depress me more but I guess I just couldn't resist. I also felt conforted by my sister in law whom decided not to go either b/c she is prego. She is in NY & we watched together & chatted on IM screaming & crying together wishing we was chippin dong di road & taking a good wine wit RedBull & Vodka in we hand. I myself had bought my costume already & ended up selling it, so when I saw my section pass I felt tears starting to build up but I was tough, I sucked dem back up....lol! Oh laaawd!! But I will come back strong for 2009, that I do promise.

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Karabana said...

Tabanca time 4 real! :( I just couldn't stay offline & not check out the pics, I wanted to see how the costumes looked. Kept seeing spots that I posed for pics last yr. & the backgrounds made me :(
BUT, with the end of Carni meant closer to CARIBANA!! You comin this year? Plan from now :-D
Hubby has started blogging again as there's some Caribana news starting.