Saturday, December 1, 2007


As most have you have been preparing & starting the carnival madness I honsetly had put carnival on the backburner for a minute after I registered for Tribe. (Alot of things came up). That aint stopping me from going Trinidad Carnival for 2008 though. Things now started workin' out. For me, the madness & excitment now start.
Last week on accident I found my carnival boots & I think dais wah out me in fool force to prepare for carnival. I was looking for work shoes & came across the perfect mas boots. I tried dem on & wow!!! Perfect fit wit even enough room to chip & not feel my toes hitting di fromt of meh boots!! Woo HOO!!! I decided on decorating the boots in Trinidad as I didn't want them to damage on the plane ride. I will be purchasing glitter & glue from Samaroos & also my next factor into my decision to wait to decorate was that I will be using parts of my costume for dem as well. I added a picture of the boots & you will see that all that is left is for be to de-fur them which I will be starting on shortly. You can find these & more boots at
I have also found my eyshadow that I will be using. you can take a look at my registry for the things I will be taking on my trip to Trinidad this year.
Next on my list of things I started, I started about 2 weels ago really watching what I am eating. I am trying this whole low carb thing which so far is working. I have done it before & had great results so, we shall see how it goes. In conjuction wit di good eats of course I had to join the gym & so far, I love it!! Today I have a Latin impact class & tomrorow KICK BOXING!!! I cyaa!!!
I will keep you updated as I move along.

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