Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Miami Carnival experience

Aight, so I am gonna be rel honest in this review b/c I just feel the need to this year.
I had an ok time this year but I normally have a better time here in Miami this time a year. I was rel disapointed in the whole Broward carnival issues to beggin with so I decidd to go to Miami Carnival.
Let me start the whole experience from the fetes. I started my feten from Wednesday, I decided to go with some friends to Bacchanal Wednesday (a GenerationX event). I decided to go for more than 1 reason, #1 most of my friends are either working for GenX or are close followers of GenX & #2 a good friend of mine was DJing. Anywho, fete was rel nice, despite the fact that maybe it was a handfull of people I was still feelin di vibes & this was there first year throwing this party so I feel next year this fete will be bigger & better. So far, so good right? Hmmm....
Next night (Thursday) Girl Power was on, I honestly had wanted to go to Tribe ignite b/c for years now I sayin' I nah going another Girl Power & somehow I always end up there b/c of the people I rollin wit. This year, was no different. NEXT YEAR, I NAH GOIN!! This time I putting my foot dong! I will refuse & I will be at Tribe Ignite as I now kickin meh self hearing all the good reviews......hmmmm.
Friday night was on to the Intl. Flag night. Machel Montano performed, need I say more. This fete was boss. I have to be rel honest here, Wednesday & Thursday I was wukin hard at these fetes, but this particular fete, sooooory, I was enjoying myself, that was my night off to get on bad yes. Machel HD was incredible as always, Patrice was great, Benjai, yummy!! Ok, but there was a lil' something that rel disapointed. Now, I haven't been doing carnival all my life, but I been doing the whole carnival scene for a good while & never have had a problem at any fete wit anyone being rude or hostile towards me, I have never really even seen a fight at any of these fetes which I am sure there have been, but not often. Well, this night I see rel shit eh. There was a lil' group of people in front where I normally go to get on bad. The group I could honestly tell was going to be trouble from the get go so I decided to move somewhere else in the front on the opposite side. Somehow they end up over by my group again I guess wit all di jumpin up & prancing around. Now, all yuh who are like me & like to go to di front know, if you need to move somewhere, good luck cuz it tight boi. Well one of di fellas from di group decided he needed to jump off the stage & want to come by me to get up on di stage & honestly guys, I couldn't even move out di way to let him go, so I advise him it have no room & if you see Mr. man literally put his hands on me & push me out di way, well goooorsh, I get heated eh & I give dis boi one cut eye, do you know dis man proceed to come in my face like he go hit meh! OMG! So dat vex meh more & imagine meh husband, laaawd so I tell di boi wah you go hit meh so now he woman come & wah fight meh, jeeez!!! So finally di gyul ready to hit meh & security come & take she. Do you know how disapointing that was to me. Never, Never have I seen this in my life!Remeber that story eh. I aint go tell yuh why, just remember it.

Aight, after all that drama came soca fest. I always have a ball at this fete, honestly I cyaa even give a review on it. It just nice vibes man.
Ok, now for Miami carnival. I was rel disapointed in 1 thing only. Answer me this please someone, why di ass was di bands moving so blasted fas? I tryin to keep up wit all but laaawd fadda help me. I dind't get to go in the park this year, maybe next year. The kids had school the next day & my wonderfull husband refused to get a sitter so we could stay at the park :(. Next year.
Now for Beach fest. This is another fete I does go to almost every year. I must say this year was kinda, was different. Now remember that boi from di Machel fete, well here dis nuh. My husband & I arrive to the fete, all is good, I wukin & all of a sudden who do I see being pulled outta di crowd, di boi himself. Boi was lookin all flustered & upset he tryin to go back into di crowd to fight & his boys holding him back. Well at this point I dunno wah going on, who he trying to fight but we soon find out eh.

After dat I was not feeling the vibes so I kinda move outta di crowd & I see the people that we was waiting to meet at the fete, which is my brodda in law & he wife. So we chatten away go & get something to eat, & in a split second I see the whole crowd at the front of the stage scatter like roaches when the lights come on. Next ting police & an ambulance arrive. Yes! dis man proceeded to go into the crowd to finish his fight, & of all this the most shocking to me was that his opponent was a woman. This man proceeded to go & lash dis young lady & on top of it RUN! after that, you know party done. The police looking for him all over di place after dat, stopping cars on di way out. I guess my point of this whole experience was that honestly, times have changed, the crowd has changed. Everyone was so upset with the whole Broward Carnival venue issue but now, can you blame them for sayint all dem things when look what examples we have people leading. Destra came on the stage after that whole event & what she said I rel had to agree with. "People already have a stigma of caribbean people, black people." she carried on about dem kinda ignorance & how you go mash up a fete where people just tryin to have fun & bring yuh chupidness to a celebration. I totally agree wit meh gyul yes. I hope next year is not like this, or maybe I just need to visit different fetes from now on. Sad to say but now I go hadda stereotype the fetes to make sure of t he type of crowd that will be there.


Cliviaalana said...

you sound like me now...I'm so tired of having to run from things and people...and you KNOW i could get crushed real easy!!
And you know when people under their liquor something you could talk out rationally always turn into a big production.
GIRL about the trucks..we we WERE running to catch up with out Truckk too..BUt the POPO and the MCI committee were not in sync...even when we tried to explain that we were not supposed to move off yet...or even be in that order...the police told us keep moving or shut it down...thats why we didnt get into position until we were INSIDE The park...
so you know some letters need to get written..

All in all we had a ball though..
and we gonna see you at Ignite next year..

Trini By Injection said...

Gyul!!! I think you & I is about di same height eh!! So you know we looking up at everyone, & this man still in meh face!!! Lol!!
Well yea a letter need to be in the making b/c I never see Miami have dem trucks moving so fas b4. At least I get some excersize, Lol!! Miami Dade Popo's doesn't give anyone a chance man. DOTISH!!!
& I go see you for sure at ignite, none of dis Girl Power non sense.
BDW Cliv, you was lookin hot on di road gyul! You see I have yuh picture up to eh. ;)

HQ said...

OMG!! The Miami police were rushing us. Trust me, I was out of breath and I caught a leg cramp in Bicentennial Park!!

Trini By Injection said...

Lmao @ HQ!!! Poor you, I gave up after a while cuz I had my kids wit meh so I was just takin' di pics from di side lines. I hope next year it have some better communication between the popo's & MCI b/c if not I go hadda start excersizing from now to be in shape. Lo!