Thursday, October 18, 2007

Body Crystals...Woo Hoo!!!

Now that Miami Carnival done I like many others I am sure are now concentrating on the "Greatest Show on Earth", none other than Trinidad Carnival!
I registered with Tribe ( thank GOD for being a TLC card holder) & I got the section I wanted & now is time to accessorize.
Every year I know body Crystals are on the top of the list. I have a friend that is in the "business" ;) So all yuh looking for body crystals take a look bellow for all the info including contact info. The crystals in the pictures are in fact the same as the ones being sold.

The cost of the crystals are $6.00 TT ($1.00 USD)for the small bag and $8.00 TT ($1.33USD) for the larger bag.

The colours are:
Clear, Pink, Blue, Nylon Pool, Red, Dark Pink, Dark Green, Purple, Orange, Multi Color, Black, Topaz, Multi Red, Light Green, Fuchsia, Gold & Light Blue.

So spread the word around before all is gone all interested persons can contact Marissa Telesford at (868)685-5517 (cell) or Phone: (868)628-7796 Ext. 4820. You can also e-mail Marissa at

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