Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Soca Awards

Well I just had the pleasure of voting for the 5th Annual International soca awards about maybe 3 mins ago. It didn't take that long at all & I was like wow when I finished b/c I now feel as though I contributed to some of soca's hardest work being recognized.
If any onw else is looking to vote please visit the Soca Awards site.
Also if anyone is looking to attend. The soca awards is being held the same weekend of Labor Day Carnival on the Sunday at Walt Whitmans Theater in Brooklyn. For ticket prices you can see the flyer bellow or visit the Soca Awards site.
Now for a lil' plug. Lol! My good friend Dj Tony Tempo is nominated in 2 categories. All yuh take a look at cat. 13 International Soca DJ of the Year, & 36 Best Soca DJ Mix CD (special). If you haven't heard any of Dj Tony Tempo's music yet, you can visit or

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