Friday, February 9, 2007

Oh goooorsh!

Laaaawd! I have 3 days left till I on dat plane to TnT & boi, I have re packed my suit case about 3 different times, takin tings out, putting them back in, should I take dis, should I leave dat. Laaaawd have mercy al dis talk about I cyaa wait & here I am not even close to ready. I finished my last min. shopping today & realized I still have 3 tings ah missin. Pressure! My gooooorsh! I am now in panic mode. See di ting is I have 2 kids & iz so hard to get tings done wit di 2 of dem. I decided dat before I go to wuk on Monday while di children at school I will finish my final errands. Well wish me luck all yuh please. Needless to say wit all dat excitment going on I am still super duper excited & I cyaa wait to be in TnT & go fete after fete after fete, eat all my Trini food & see my Trini posse & family. Woi Woi!

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