Saturday, January 6, 2007

A lil' nervousy here......

Ok so this is my first blog entry & I just want to add that as it gets closer to Carnival 2K7 I am getting more & more nervous. WOI! Well now that everything is about Carnival wit me even my hubby get's really annoyed, I am sorry but this is a big deal to me. OMG! My best friend too it seems all we talk about these days is carnival. Example of a conversation we may have " Eh gyul how yuh goin deh?" " Ah doing good gyul, how you & di fam?" "We cool decided wah fetes yuh wah go to?" & so on I won't even get into the rest.
Well honestly being inspired by fellow blogger Saucy Diva deh, I have to say it is incredibly funny, my best friend & I look at her blog faithfully everyday. LOL! Anywho!!! I dunno if you can tell by my screen name deh but I am not a Trini to di bone but I am a Trini By Injection. For those of you wondering wah she talking about, is my hubby whom injected me wit all dis Trini flava. Needless to say I now love Trinidad(yes I have been deh), love di food, love di people, & yes I love di lingo. Wit all di jokes of my hubby's family saying dat I am more Trini den they are my in law's especially & still must add dat I am still a latina to di bone but I cyaa help but love meh soca boi.
Ok but enough about dat, I am extremely nervous about carnival, we are about a month away & laaaawd! I am not ready at all at all. I haven't lost all di weight I promised myself to lose, I haven't bought my shoes yet, I am not done buying all my makeup yet. AHHHHHHH! I have however finished buying all my feteing gear which I guess is one weight off my shoulders. Well I have put the pedal to the metal now on my work out, having my new 2K7 soca on really helping me visualize myself on di road in meh skimpy next to nuttn costume. Laaaaawd! I betta loose all dem weight boi!
Ok now wit all dat I have to leave you wit dis e-mail dat meh friend sent me. It describes myself & her & possibly most of all yuh out deh.

How yuh know when yuh ketching de carnival fever?

This is how I know I ketching de fever!!
  • Yuh willing to pay anything close to $3000.00 for a costume for two days.
  • When yuh contemplating selling corn soup to pay off fuh yuh costume ( a real life story).
  • When yuh working out and all yuh thinking about is how yuh go look in yuh costume.
  • When every time yuh pass ah shoe store yuh looking for a new pair of shoes to match yuh costume.
  • When u walking or driving through port of Spain and u having flashes of bussing a sweet whine in town.
  • During Christmas all yuh studying to do is collect gift money to pay off for your costume. (yuh know I funny…doh stress yuhself.. jus send me a card with the money.. is ok doh feel bad)
  • When yuh planning everything around carnival….( I will do my surgery in march instead of feburary Dr..thanks even though yuh bawling in pain)
  • When yuh put on yuh old costumes ever so often.
  • When yuh put on yuh costume more than ten times between the time u receive it and carnival day.
  • When anytime someone ask u how much more days to carnival yuh know the amount of days, hours, minutes and seconds.
  • When you are a walking fete calendar ( well Friday de tenth is brass , the 11th is WASA and de following Wednesday custom boys)
  • When u writing an entire blog dedicated to carnival.
  • When all yuh like to do is exercise to soca.
  • When yuh visiting carnival websites all day instead of doing the people wuk.
  • Yuh cah wait for Christmas to pass …
  • When yuh know every costume by name.
  • When everybody yuh meet, :yuh asking them yuh playing mas? Wah band? Wah section?
  • When yuh done start to shop for coordinating outfits for all yuh fetes.
  • When yuh luggage done pack and yuh ticket done book.
  • When yuh have yuh costume as yuh desktop real often.

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saucydiva said...

Welcome to the blogging world! You and your g/f are like me and mines; all we talk about is Carnival.

Hope you enjoy the preparations and keep writing.