Sunday, January 21, 2007

Last min. Decissions, ah stickin!

Ok so I did a blog a while back about not stickin & here I am talkin yesterday wit meh friend how maybe we really should get a hotel for Monday nite. I am really wondering if at dis point we will be able to find one & how much it will cost dis late in di game but we are looking. See the ting is she was stayin by she man & I was stayin by my hubby family but after spending a day of shopping together we decided we really would like to get ready together. Iz a gyul ting I guess! So if anyone has any info on a 1 nite stay at a hotel in POS for 4 people please let me know, I will greatly appreciate it. I am looking at Carnival junction & shopping on odda sites hoping I will run into a good deal. No luck yet. Laaaaaawd! After all dis talk about having everyting done, & here I am, STICKIN!!!! LOL!

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